Green Organic Coffee

Coffee beans are seeds similar to cherries. Under the pulp there are two grains that are flattened with each other, covered by a kind of parchment. In their maturity, they present display a thin and viscous layer covers the parchment. You have to remove the coffee beans from the fruit and dry them to be able to toast them and that is done with the wet method. When that process is finished, the unroasted coffee bean is called green coffee

By the wet method, the intrinsic attributes of the coffee bean are conserved better and that the green coffee is homogeneous and has few defective grains, so that better quality coffee is obtained.

After the separation and cleaning, the pulp of the cherry is removed. The pulped beans pass to vibrating screens that separate them from the cherries that have been left unpulped or that have been imperfectly, as well as the large pieces of pulp that may have passed through them. After the sieve, the separated pulped grains are passed through channels in which they are washed with water and separated again by floating them before they go on to the next stage.


The beans that have just been pulped are placed in large fermentation tanks in which the mucilaginous substances decompose under the influence of natural enzymes until they can be dispersed and taken away by the water.


 The sun drying takes from 4 to 5 days where it extends in playground, according to the temperature and humidity of the environment. where it is maintained with 12% humidity and can be stored dry for weeks, months or up to one year in the benefactor without deteriorating its quality. Once again it is classified by weight and size and finally it is packed in sacks of:                           

                                                                           NT WT 2,104.5 oz/152.11lb/69 kgs



Organic Roasted Coffee


It should be noted that our process is natural and premium washing, the latter gives us pleasant taste and aroma, good acidity and good body. It is the best quality, its aroma is strong and pleasant and has a lot of body.

The roasting of coffee is to introduce coffee, inside a rotating drum, at temperatures between 150º and 225º by means of a hot air current. Time is essential for what we need, from a light roast to an intense and dark toast.

To perform the toasting, the green coffee is cleaned again, in which remnants of foreign elements are removed and managed to remain in the threshing process, after which the grains are introduced to the rotating drum so that the grains are uniformly roasted, the temperature, as I mentioned earlier, ranges between 150 ° and 225 ° but not more than 250 °.

The final mix is ​​made when the roasting process is finished, here we check that the beans have really roasted uniformly, this is where we can make mixes to improve flavors and nuances. For this, the greater the toasting, the greater the extraction of components, the lower the acidity, the greater the body, the greater the bitterness and consequently the greater the shrinkage.

Finally the coffee organic and roasted grain is packaged in packs of:

                                                                 NT WT 15.63 oz/1.10 lb/ 500 gr

                                                                 NT WT 35.27 oz/2.20lb/1 kg

                                                                 NT WT 1,763.7 oz/110.23lb/50 kgs